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'Saint Ann' Satsuma Tree For Sale Online

'Saint Ann' Satsuma Tree For Sale Online

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'Saint Ann' Satsuma trees produces typical satsuma fruits that are oblate in shape and medium to large in size. 'Saint Ann satsumas are an early blooming citrus tree. 'Saint Ann satsuma has light yellow, thin leathery skin. 'Saint Ann' satsuma skin or peel is easy to peel. 'Saint Ann' satsuma has common characteristics to other satsuma mandarins. The Saint Ann Satsuma happens to be a fully self fertile specimen, needing no help from another satsuma tree to produce its sweet and juicy oranges. If planting in cooler regions, it requires to be planted in a container so that you can bring it in during winter months and then put back out during warmer months. (USDA Zones 8-11)

Will ship no earlier than 10/15/24
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