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Matsumoto Persimmon Tree For Sale Online

Matsumoto Persimmon Tree For Sale Online

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The Matsumoto Persimmon tree has a taste that is firm and crunchy with a sweet sugarcane like flavor. The Matsumoto is also known to being  early ripening, this is a good variety for short season areas. It prefers growing in a location that provides full sun and grows best when planted in sand, loam, clay or silt soil that is well drained. The Matsumoto Persimmon tree tends to reach approximately 10-12ft. tall and a width of approximately 12-14FT. wide. Matsumoto Persimmons are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A, manganese and fiber, especially soluble fiber. It contains a fair amount of B-complex vitamins, potassium and calcium. [rootstock - Diospyros lotus] (USDA Zones 7-10)

Will ship no earlier than 10/15/24
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