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Edgeworthia Flowering Bush For Sale Online

Edgeworthia Flowering Bush For Sale Online

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The Edgeworthia Bush, also known to some as the Paperbush, is perhaps one of the most spectacular flowering specimen on God's green earth. Edgeworthia is a shrub native to China and the Himalayas that provides superb fall and winter interest and a gardenia-like fragrance. This well-branched, well-formed shrub begins forming its silvery buds in late summer into fall, adding a lot of attention to your fall garden. It begins to bloom in December, when it’s nothing but a bare silhouette in the garden, and continues through the winter. The Edgeworthia thrives in partial shade and appreciates well-enriched, moist soil.  In spring, after the blooms pass, it sports lovely bluish foliage with silvery undertones that are both eye-catching and soothing. The foliage begins to turn to a yellowish color in the fall season. (USDA Zones 7-10)

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