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Deer Magnet Persimmon Tree (Cold Hardy) For Sale Online

Deer Magnet Persimmon Tree (Cold Hardy) For Sale Online

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The Deer Magnet Persimmon, much like its sister cultivar 'Deer Candy' persimmon; is quite a option to go with if your wanting to improve your food plots . Everyone whose a avid deer hunter is after that monster buck, whether its white tail, black tail or even Axis  deer. In order to get that trophy buck you have been long after, you must plant a Deer Candy or Deer Magnet Persimmon tree. The two specimens do wonderful pollinating with one another and they do their job attracting deer to them. The Deer Magnet Persimmon tree can also be planted in ful or partial shade and is cold hardy down to an estimated negative twenty degrees fahrenheit. This cultivar of persimmon tree really is magnetic for deer, try it and see for yourself! [rootstock - Diospyros virginiana] (USDA Zones 5-9)

Will ship no earlier than 10/15/24
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