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3 in 1 Plum Tree For Sale Online

3 in 1 Plum Tree For Sale Online

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The 3 in 1 Plum Tree is truly a magnificent specimen that transitions very well into different soil profiles all while giving you the luxury of having three different options to choose from. The 3 in 1 Plum tree consists of three types of plums when it produces. The first plum is the Santa Rosa Plum, a red plum that is medium in size and has a very sweet flavor. The second plum is the Green Sour Cherry Plum, this particular plum can be eaten both sweet or tart, depending on how long you decide to allow it to ripen on the tree. The last is the Mirabelle Plum. The Mirabelle Plum is by far the sweetest tasting plum around and is the third option to eat when picking from this spectacular plum tree! (USDA Zones 5-8b)

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